Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Savannah, Georgia Dinner.

On our first night there we ate at our favorite place in Savannah, Uncle Bubba's! I have been craving the keylime pie since we were there two years ago. We started out with the best little corn muffins with honey butter! They are so good! We were boring at this meal because we loved our last meal here so much we got the same thing that we had before, Low Country Boil. It is delicious! There is just something about those Georgia Shrimp. Yum!

Dessert was... oh you guessed it the wonderful, fabulous, extraordinary keylime pie!

Ok I could totally drive all the way back down there right now for another slice of this little piece of heaven!

If you are ever in Savannah you should definitely check it out!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Savannah, Georgia Day 1 Continued

I am so sorry that this had been delayed for this long. I am having a horrible time getting pictures to load on my blog without having lines all over them. And as you know you have to include pictures with every blog post! I am trying one of the Blogger suggestions of using Internet Explorer rather than Chrome which to me is interesting because they are both a part of Google. Oh well. I hope that I am back for good now! I have missed my time on here.

After lunch we continued to explore the historic squares. I of course had to stop and take hundreds of pictures. We walked back to Forsyth Park. Oh how I wish we had something even remotely like this at home. It is such a relaxing place. We saw people studying, just hanging out, taking a nap, playing with their kids, etc. It is just a great (huge) place for anybody to come and just enjoy being outside. The fountain itself is just beautiful. The last time we were here they were setting up for a wedding in front of the fountain.

Savannah is such a beautiful place. We walked all day around exploring all day and I loved every minute of it. I could do this everyday. I honestly think you could walk around here everyday and find something new.