Saturday, November 27, 2010

Charleston, SC

We had a great time in Charleston and I hope that we will get to return soon. This was our first time there and we loved it! The houses are beautiful well the whole place is just great!
As you can see we love to find good restaurants when we go somewhere. I like when someone can give good recomendations on places to go, things to see, and places to eat. Since we like that we try to do the same for others.
Our absolute favorite place that we ate was Amen Street. It was amazing I had shrimp and grits and Mr. C had the Seafood platter. I cannot say enough of how great this place was. I have actually contemplated getting in my car and driving there just for some shrimp and grits. Lets face it we just do not have anything that compares around my parts.

Our last night we ate at Coast. It was a good walk there but the food was well worth it! Make sure you get something off the wood fire grill.

Our last day we ate at Jestine's Kitchen that has been featured in Southern Living and other places. It is true southern food!  We ate there for lunch before we left that day. I had the pecan fried chicken sandwich with okra and slaw. Mr. C had the meatloaf, okra, and slaw. Both were delicious and I really am not crazy about meatloaf. I would definitely return!!!

Cupcake is also amazing! I am still craving their pumpkin cupcake!

We also went on a carriage ride. It was ok maybe something to do the first time but I probably would not do it again. I did not not realize and no one told us that you do not get to see the whole historic area that you get one section that they cover. Each time you go you may get the same section it just depends on how many carriages are already out and you cannot request a certain route from what I understood.

The French Quarter Inn was amazing! I cannot say enough about how great it was! I would definitely stay there again!

Day 3 - Charleston, SC

After lunch we went through Mount Pleasant. This is the cutest community. People were out walking their dogs women were pushing strollers it was just a quiet, peaceful place that you could see raising a family in. I loved it!

Next we were on to Sullivan's Island. This is a really nice island. The houses were so cute and the beach was really nice as well.

 Folly Beach was really nice too! I love the lighthouse on Morris Island that you can see from Folly Beach. It is beautiful and definitely worth the little walk it takes to get there.

Day 3 Charleston, SC

On day 3 which was Sunday we decided to visit some of the islands. I had read several books over the summer about Folly Beach and Sullivan's Island. For lunch that day we stopped at Red's Ice House on Shem Creek. This was a really neat little restaurant with great food. The prices were the best we saw the whole time we were there. We had a crab dip for an appetizer and Mr. C got a low country boil and I had a shrimp basket.

Shem Creek

Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 1 & 2 - Charleston, SC

On the second night we were in Charleston we made the mistake of falling for a tourist trap. We normally do a great job of researching restaurants before we go somewhere because lets face it eating good food is one of the luxuries of vacation! However, on this night we decided to try a place that looked great. This place was A.W. Shucks and it definitely did not live up to our standards. We are not the type that our food needs to look like art but it should taste fresh and this did not. We were extremely disappointed to say the least.

I did forget to mention that on our first night in Charleston we at at Fleet Landing upon the recomendation of the lady at the front desk. Since it was late we decided to eat light and order appetizers and a salad. I ordered the lobster stuffed hushpuppies and Mr. C ordered Gumbo. The food was GREAT! The service on the other hand was not so great. I would return again because the food was so good but I hope that we just had a bad server and this is not the norm at this restaurant.

Not the best picture. As you can see we were really hungry after the long drive there. We grabbed a bite before remembering to take a picture. :) These were wonderful!!!

Fleet Landing

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hominy Grill -Lunch -Day 2 Charleston, SC

Day 2 Continued
We walked for hours on Saturday and by the time lunch came around we were starving. Mr. C wanted to go to a taco place that he had saw on the internet before we came so we set out to find it. It just so happened that (after the incredibly long walk) it was right next door to Hominy Grill. As it turned out there were not many customers at the Taco place and a long line at Hominy Grill. Now we had read and saw lots about Hominy Grill so we decided we would try it and we were SO glad we did!!!!

Both were amazing!!!

This is a must stop if visiting Charleston!

Caleb had the Big'N'Nasty

I had the She Crab Soup and Fried Green Tomatoes!

Both were amazing!!!

This is a must stop if visiting Charleston!

  • They have indoor and outdoor seating; however, both areas are small so they fill up very quickly.
  • The line starts early but it moves at a decent speed.
  • It is quite a walk from downtown so plan for that or get a ride on one of the bicycles.
  • On Saturdays and Sunday (This may be all week) Brunch is served instead of lunch so be prepared for that. Although, the Big'N'Nasty was great so that is a must try!
Let me know if you try it!

Charleston, SC

Day 2
The French Quarter Inn offers a continental breakfast. This is a light breakfast but work perfectly for us. You could have the breakfast delivered to the room or go to lobby and pick out your breakfast and eat inside or out in the courtyard.

 Fountain in Courtyard
 Another Entrance to the Inn
View of the staircase at the French Quarter Inn.

The first full day (Saturday) we decided to visit the market. This was a great experience. I really enjoyed walking through and seeing many handmade items. Many ladies were making the sweet grass baskets. I had read several books this summer about this area and it had mentioned a lot about the sweet grass baskets so I was amazed. I met a great lady there that was the so sweet and I promised that I would come back before she left and buy a basket from her. We were planning on walking a lot and I did not want to carry the baskets. When I returned later that day she was so suprised that I came back she thanked me over and over again. She would not let my husband and I leave until she gave us a hug. She told me that everyone promises to come back but they never do. I would definitely visit her again when I return. Her baskets were also the prettiest I saw while there.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charleston, SC

We visited Charleston, SC the second weekend in October for our second Anniversary. Immediately we fell in love with the city. We will complete several posting over our trip. This was our first time in Charleston. We visited Savannah the previous year for our first anniversay and it was amazing as well. We are trying to visit all the places close to home that we have always wanted to go but never did. Charleston is definitely a place that I will visit again.

When asking about Charleston I did not get that many reviews of places to stay or eat. I only heard just about everywhere is good. Now I know that most places are good but when I plan a trip I like details so in this blog we are all about the details. We take pictures of everything.

After months of searching for a place to stay in Charleston we decided on The French Quarter Inn. I must say that this was one of the best decisions! This inn is great! They go above and beyond to make sure that their guest are satisified. I would highly recommend it!

Outside view of The French Quarter Inn
Inside of The French Quarter Inn