Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Savannah, Georgia Day 1 Continued

I am so sorry that this had been delayed for this long. I am having a horrible time getting pictures to load on my blog without having lines all over them. And as you know you have to include pictures with every blog post! I am trying one of the Blogger suggestions of using Internet Explorer rather than Chrome which to me is interesting because they are both a part of Google. Oh well. I hope that I am back for good now! I have missed my time on here.

After lunch we continued to explore the historic squares. I of course had to stop and take hundreds of pictures. We walked back to Forsyth Park. Oh how I wish we had something even remotely like this at home. It is such a relaxing place. We saw people studying, just hanging out, taking a nap, playing with their kids, etc. It is just a great (huge) place for anybody to come and just enjoy being outside. The fountain itself is just beautiful. The last time we were here they were setting up for a wedding in front of the fountain.

Savannah is such a beautiful place. We walked all day around exploring all day and I loved every minute of it. I could do this everyday. I honestly think you could walk around here everyday and find something new.

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