Sunday, September 2, 2012

Folly Beach Last Day

On our last day at Folly we packed up and said goodbye to our little cottage. We then headed into Charleston for a trip to the market and brunch. 

Mom had never been to the market and it is definitely something you had to visit if you are in Charleston. She bought another Sweetgrass basket. It is beautiful but I do not have a picture of it. These baskets are really expensive but worth it because they are handmade. I love traditions and handing down those traditions in families and that is what Sweetgrass baskets are all about. 

After shopping and walking around we were hungry so we decided on Poogan's Porch. Caleb and I had ate their at Christmas on our last trip to Charleston. Since we had Max and Lucy with us (our Yorkies) we loved that Poogan's is pet friendly. You can eat on the porch or the area in front of the house with your dogs. What a great place!!! We loved it! Poogan was the previous owner's dog and he is buried in the front yard thus giving the restaurant it's name. 

Since it was brunch we all had breakfast except Caleb. He had a fried pork chop with Texas Pete au juis. It was amazing! 




Then it was time to head home. I always hate leaving....

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