Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Charleston, SC

We visited Charleston, SC the second weekend in October for our second Anniversary. Immediately we fell in love with the city. We will complete several posting over our trip. This was our first time in Charleston. We visited Savannah the previous year for our first anniversay and it was amazing as well. We are trying to visit all the places close to home that we have always wanted to go but never did. Charleston is definitely a place that I will visit again.

When asking about Charleston I did not get that many reviews of places to stay or eat. I only heard just about everywhere is good. Now I know that most places are good but when I plan a trip I like details so in this blog we are all about the details. We take pictures of everything.

After months of searching for a place to stay in Charleston we decided on The French Quarter Inn. I must say that this was one of the best decisions! This inn is great! They go above and beyond to make sure that their guest are satisified. I would highly recommend it!

Outside view of The French Quarter Inn
Inside of The French Quarter Inn


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