Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charleston, SC

Day 2
The French Quarter Inn offers a continental breakfast. This is a light breakfast but work perfectly for us. You could have the breakfast delivered to the room or go to lobby and pick out your breakfast and eat inside or out in the courtyard.

 Fountain in Courtyard
 Another Entrance to the Inn
View of the staircase at the French Quarter Inn.

The first full day (Saturday) we decided to visit the market. This was a great experience. I really enjoyed walking through and seeing many handmade items. Many ladies were making the sweet grass baskets. I had read several books this summer about this area and it had mentioned a lot about the sweet grass baskets so I was amazed. I met a great lady there that was the so sweet and I promised that I would come back before she left and buy a basket from her. We were planning on walking a lot and I did not want to carry the baskets. When I returned later that day she was so suprised that I came back she thanked me over and over again. She would not let my husband and I leave until she gave us a hug. She told me that everyone promises to come back but they never do. I would definitely visit her again when I return. Her baskets were also the prettiest I saw while there.

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