Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mr. C's Birthday!

Well the hubby turned 26 today! We celebrated his birthday at the Porter House in Dahlonega and Mom made his favorite cake which just so happens to be my dad's favorite birthday cake. I am lucky that we get to celebrate with it twice a year because it is delicious!

As for the snow it is still hanging around and I am ready for it to melt now. Our driveway and road look like we have advertised for mud boggin party. Living on a dirt road has many advantages such as less traffic and less people. However, after a heavy rain and snow it is a huge mess!!! Tomorrow I will be learning how to drive the Jeep because the little Honda will not be gracing our road with her presence this week. I have never been very successful at learning a stick shift but I am determined that I can do this! Hey I built my own fire last week surely I can drive a manual! Haha! We shall see! Wish me luck!

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