Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Who has time for television these days? Well when I do these are my favorite new and semi-new shows.

I love the new show Off The Map on abc at 10pm! I have been watching since the series premiere and I thought it would be just another one of those shows that if you watch it great but if not then that's ok too. As of a couple of weeks ago Off The Map is set to record every Wednesday night. Of course I say it is set to record because 10pm is after this girl's bedtime. :)

Off The Map

I also love The Good Wife on CBS on Tuesday at 10pm. I do not really agree with all the poilitical views but the overall show is great! Why is it that all the good shows come on after my bedtime? Well that's ok because then I get to skip the commercials.

I know this is not really a food or even a southern thing but just thought I would share. :)

What is your favorite show this year?

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