Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 1

Sorry for the delay blogger was not cooperating with me for the first part of the week.

The first day is always great!
When we go to the beach we are the type that gets up early packs a cooler for the day and stays all day! Oh add a great book.

For lunch on the first day we had not bought our sandwich stuff yet so we walked up the beach to Pompano Joe's. They have my favorite Smoked Tuna Dip! I have tried it everywhere we go and it is my absolute favorite. It's different and has more of a sweet flavor plus they serve it with this flat bread and cucumbers. So yummy! And that is the perfect lunch on the beach!

That night we ate at the Back Porch another long time favorite. One thing that makes this place so nice to me is that it's right on the beach and they pull the windows up and you get that ocean breeze. It's perfect! We have had most of the things on the menu but my favorites are as follows. For an appetizer here I just like their hushpuppies with honey butter. Delicious! We also tried their shrimp and corn chowder and it was really good too! That night I got a Po Boy (Shrimp) Sandwich with onion rings (another specialty here). Now they have the more sophisticated fare here but I wanted the thing that I am always craving when at home and that is exactly what I ordered. :) Now Caleb got another favorite which is the Seafood Nachos. Mom had the Grilled Grouper Sandwich and Dad has the Fried Grouper Sandwich.

View while eating

I'm getting hungry just looking back at these. You can't get food like that here in our part of Georgia.


  1. That food looks amazing!! What beach did you go to?

  2. Thank you! We went to Destin, Florida
    I probably should have written that. Oops :)lol

  3. Ohh looks so nice!


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