Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 2 - Destin, Florida Family Vacation

Day 2 - Destin, Florida Family Vacation

Well the next day we were back on the beach. I love the beach! Everything about it well.... maybe not the sand that gets in everything. Haha! I have to say it was HOT! I mean really hot the thermometor and tv said that it was over 100 one day. Now that combined with the humidity makes for a real scorcher but that's what the ocean is for to cool off in. :)

I was reading The Lost Hours by Karen White the first two days. It was a great book. It was a little slow starting off but well worth sticking through. I really liked it and would highly recommend it!

You know me I am all about the food and where we are eating! :) So that night we ate at Dewey Destin. Several locals had recommended it to us and we had planned to try it last year but decided to wait.

Waiting Area
 Back Deck
 View from Deck

 Appetizer: Tuna Dip
It was really good! Many people say it is the best but Pompano Joe's is still my favorite!
 Dad got the blackened Grouper and all grilled or steamed entrees come with Corn, Potatoes, and Slaw.
We all switched something out and they were fine with that. Like I got hushpuppies instead of corn. I know I am the healthiest eater ever! :)
 Caleb got Steamed Shrimp
**Excellent and lots of flavor!
 Mom got grilled Grouper
**Very good!!!

 I had the Mediterranean Mahi Mahi.
I normally get Grouper and he offered to change the fish but I also like Mahi with something like this. It was delicious and something different than what I would normally get.

Our food was amazing!!! So good that we actually went back the last night! I will share about that one later. :) I definitely recommend trying Dewey's if you are in Destin! The food is delicious and both times we were there we had excellent service. Plus, being able to eat outside is a great! They do have indoor seating but when I'm at the beach I love to be outside and enjoy the scenery. Plus this area was well shaded and was not hot.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! What have you been up to these past two weeks?

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