Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall = Football

Well, it is my favorite time of year. Fall... now if only it would feel like it. We are still in the 80's to 90's everyday.  I am ready for some blue jean and long sleeve tshirt weather. :)

With fall comes football. I really enjoy football season well I like watching UGA football. :) I am not into watching every single game that comes on. That's what Caleb uses DVR for. :) We are so excited to have season tickets this year. Last week was our first game. UGA lost but we still had fun!

Anyway, during this time of year Caleb and like to fix "snacky" foods on Sunday afternoons how this relates to football well it doesn't I'm just giving too many details.

One of my favorite dips is a simple dip that everyone has a version of. The difference in ours, which I got from my mom, is sausage. It's the simple rotel dip.

We cook the sausage mix with rotel and velveeta and there you go. Easy, easy but so good.

What is your favorite "snacky" food to make?

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