Monday, October 10, 2011


Tuesday, October 4th was our 3rd Anniversary! I have been truly blessed to be married to my best friend for 3 years!
I was looking back through our wedding pictures and I have to say I absolutely loved our wedding. If I could go back and do it again I would keep everything exactly same. Well, except I might slow it down a little. That was the fastest day ever... 

Here are some shots from our perfect day.

We got married at an old mill. This is the front porch. My grandmother did all the flowers for our wedding. I think she did an amazing job. She went above beyond to make sure they were perfect. I did not want the over arranged look. I wanted a natural setting.

Many people were not sure why we wanted to get married outside and not in a church but what greater place to get married than God's Sanctuary that he gave to us. We brought in old wooden pews and set it up like a sanctuary outside. It was exactly as I pictured it would be. Actually it turned out even better.

There is my handsome groom waiting for me. :)

We chose to use sand as it was something we could keep. The sand we are pouring is from Destin our favorite place to go to the beach. In bottom were shells that we had picked up that summer in Destin on vacation. On our honeymoon we got sand from the beach in Jamaica and placed it on top. The Jamaica sand was darker so you can see a difference. I love this part as it is personal for us and something we will cherish forever. We still have it sitting in our bedroom. We did things like this for our wedding because we wanted it to be something that we would keep. I had asked other people about their unity candle and most could not even tell me where it was and I also asked about a guest book and got the same response. Instead of a guest book we did a picture frame for people to sign as they entered the wedding and reception. We have it above our mantel.

I love the old wheel in the back. 

This was my family picture. Everyone loved it and most got a copy for their homes. I love walking into my grandmothers house and seeing it hanging up as a reminder of the most wonderful day ever!

One of my favorite things about our reception! Groom's Cake.

I love this picture because it shows us so happy and ready to start a new chapter in our lives.

Well, thank you for letting me share our wedding with you!

I will share our Anniversary dinner later. We tried a new restaurant and it was so good!!!! 

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your grandmother's flowers and your wedding looked beautiful! The sand idea was so creative- I just saw- I think in House Beautiful- a designer's collection of sands (in individual jars) from everywhere she'd been to.


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