Saturday, November 27, 2010

Charleston, SC

We had a great time in Charleston and I hope that we will get to return soon. This was our first time there and we loved it! The houses are beautiful well the whole place is just great!
As you can see we love to find good restaurants when we go somewhere. I like when someone can give good recomendations on places to go, things to see, and places to eat. Since we like that we try to do the same for others.
Our absolute favorite place that we ate was Amen Street. It was amazing I had shrimp and grits and Mr. C had the Seafood platter. I cannot say enough of how great this place was. I have actually contemplated getting in my car and driving there just for some shrimp and grits. Lets face it we just do not have anything that compares around my parts.

Our last night we ate at Coast. It was a good walk there but the food was well worth it! Make sure you get something off the wood fire grill.

Our last day we ate at Jestine's Kitchen that has been featured in Southern Living and other places. It is true southern food!  We ate there for lunch before we left that day. I had the pecan fried chicken sandwich with okra and slaw. Mr. C had the meatloaf, okra, and slaw. Both were delicious and I really am not crazy about meatloaf. I would definitely return!!!

Cupcake is also amazing! I am still craving their pumpkin cupcake!

We also went on a carriage ride. It was ok maybe something to do the first time but I probably would not do it again. I did not not realize and no one told us that you do not get to see the whole historic area that you get one section that they cover. Each time you go you may get the same section it just depends on how many carriages are already out and you cannot request a certain route from what I understood.

The French Quarter Inn was amazing! I cannot say enough about how great it was! I would definitely stay there again!

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