Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 1 & 2 - Charleston, SC

On the second night we were in Charleston we made the mistake of falling for a tourist trap. We normally do a great job of researching restaurants before we go somewhere because lets face it eating good food is one of the luxuries of vacation! However, on this night we decided to try a place that looked great. This place was A.W. Shucks and it definitely did not live up to our standards. We are not the type that our food needs to look like art but it should taste fresh and this did not. We were extremely disappointed to say the least.

I did forget to mention that on our first night in Charleston we at at Fleet Landing upon the recomendation of the lady at the front desk. Since it was late we decided to eat light and order appetizers and a salad. I ordered the lobster stuffed hushpuppies and Mr. C ordered Gumbo. The food was GREAT! The service on the other hand was not so great. I would return again because the food was so good but I hope that we just had a bad server and this is not the norm at this restaurant.

Not the best picture. As you can see we were really hungry after the long drive there. We grabbed a bite before remembering to take a picture. :) These were wonderful!!!

Fleet Landing

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