Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Saturday Adventures

Sometimes on the weekends Mr. C and I like to set out on an adventure to find a new place for pictures or a new restaurant or just to ride around and see what we find.

Saturday Mr. C had come across a covered bridge that we have never been to before so we set out to find this new place. It turned out to be not too far from Athens, GA which turned out great for dinner plans.

The covered bridge turned out to be a great find.

After we took some pictures we drove over to Athens to walk around on this rare warm spring like Saturday. Just the two of us wondering around like college kids. We then wondered into a great little Italian restaurant that I had heard a lot about. Ok actually I posted on FB that we were in Athens looking for a great (non chain) restaurant and got a great suggestion from a friend. The first scenario just sounded more romantic but if you have learned anything about me on here it is that I like a plan. Mr. C on the other hand is laid back no need for a plan type of guy so we balance each other out very well. If we were in Athens I wanted something different and something good. So we ended up at DePalma's Restaurant which does have two other locations but in my mind this was not a chain. :) The food was delicious and definitely worth a second trip in our future.

                                                                  Fettuccine di Parma

                                                                  Seafood Charmaine

And for a dessert we had a milkshake from The Varsity! Yum!

We normally do not ever go to Athens unless it is for a UGA Football Game. Go Dawgs! :)
But somehow we have ended up here twice in one month. In that time we have had two amazing meals!


  1. Oh yum, you are making me hungry! Thanks so much for stopping by the beach post. It truly was a gorgeous day & so fun to capture those birds. Hope you'll drop by again.

  2. That looks deee-licious. Thank you so much for your kind comment on Lilly's Nursery. It was a delight to decorate and create her haven. Thanks for stopping by Santa Beso. Hope you make it a habit!!!


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