Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anniversary Trip

We always try to go somewhere new for our Anniversary each year. We had the best honeymoon ever! Well in my opinion. We went to Jamaica and stayed at Sandals Dunn's River Resort. It was an all Inclusive Dream come true.

 For our first anniversary we went to Savannah and loved it! We walked to all the squares, walked on the beach at Tybee, admired the beautiful houses, and ate some GREAT food!!! We loved every minute of it and would definitely go back any chance we got! If you have never been to Savannah I highly recommend it!

Our second anniversary we went to Charleston, SC. I blogged about it earlier. Again another wonderful trip. I am still craving the shrimp and grits from Amen Street. I could go back tomorrow! There is so much to do there. Except at night I must say if you don't drink or eat a very late supper it gets kind of boring at night because all the store close about 6pm. I still would go back in a minute and highly recommend Charleston!

So... the question is where do we go for our third anniversary? We love all things Southern and had thought about New Orleans. We had also thought about Jekyll and St. Simons.

We try to stay closer to home because we only have about four days and that last day is normally spent traveling home.
What are your suggestions?


  1. You and Caleb take the most beautiful pictures....I especially love the lighthouse in this series.

    I also vote for New orleans....I went once for Mardi Gras and the culture down there is AMAZING!

  2. Thank you! We love taking pictures. We have been looking at New Orleans. I bet Mardi Gras was fun!


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