Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I just found out earlier this week that the place Caleb and I went on our honeymoon is no longer owned by the same group. We went to Dunn's River Sandals Resort and it was amazing!!! We had always thought that for one of our big anniversaries we would go back but now that is not an option. There are plenty of other Sandals Resorts but I guess it was just finding out kinda made me a little sad. Dunn's River was one of the smaller resorts and it was very personalized with top notch service. We were so spoiled while we were there! I have never been to another Sandals resort but if they are all like that one I would highly recommend it! Especially for an anniversary or honeymoon!!! You will be pampered and never want to leave. These are all inclusive resorts so we could eat whenever we wanted and that food was delicious! Even the little grill out by the beach was great with their jerk chicken yum! So that was my sad news for the week so I will share a little of our honeymoon here just for a step back in time.

 Our first sight of Jamaica from the air!
 We were so glad to finally get there!
 We were greeted by these little displays every night.
 The beach
 I normally do not include pictures of us but this was such a fun night with so much food at our beach party!
 You cannot go to Jamaica without visiting a Margavitaville!
 Our pool at the resort.
 Another view of the beach.
 On one of the boat rides that you could go out on.

This was the view from our window! Beautiful!

Have you ever been to a Sandals Resort? Or any all inclusive resort?
I have never been to another all inclusive resort so give us some suggestions for the future! :)

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