Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yahoola Creek Grill

We recently tried Yahoola Creek in Dahlonega, GA we have been stuck on Dahlonega lately. We have wanted to try this restaurant for over a year but just never did. Well we decided why not so we went on a Saturday afternoon and loved it! Caleb got to eat like Snoop Dogg - Chicken and Waffles. It was delicious!!! I thought it was too weird for me but anything with sausage gravy must be good. :)
I had the shrimp and grits. I have been craving it since Charleston and while I must say it did not live up to Amen Street it was still very good! By the way the people next to us got the chicken tenders and although that is very simple it looked so good! Going back to the beginning we had an amazing appetizer of Fried Green Tomato Stack with Goat Cheese. If you are in Dahlonega this is a GREAT place to try!

Not the best pictures since I took them with my phone but you cannot review food without a picture. :)

I love small independently owned stores and restaurants. I want to see these businesses thrive. I would hope that if I were in business someone would help spread the word for me.

Have you tried anywhere new recently?


  1. What restaurant in Charleston did you get Shrimp and Grits at? We recently went to ___ Smokehouse (can't remember for the life of me now!) and they were sooo good! However, if you are ever in Dublin go to Deano's Pizza and get their S&G...out of this world! I actually called them a couple of months after we moved to SC and explained my sappy story of not being able to go there anymore and they gave me the gist of their recipe...I think I will have to make them soon!

  2. I loved the S&G at Amen Street Restaurant in Charleston. We went for our anniversary in October and loved it! I will definitely try Deano's if we are ever in the area. That is so nice that they gave you the recipe! Thanks again for visiting our blog! :)


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