Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vacation comes to an end - Destin, Florida

On Wednesday we needed a break from seafood so we chose to eat at one of our favorite places, McGuire's Irish Pub. It is absolutely delicious!

Started with the appetizer of Reuben Rolls. They are so different then anything I have ever had or have found at any other restaurant. This is our favorite appetizer here.
My favorite thing to get for a meal if the Prime Rib. They smoke it and it is absolutely delicious! Mom and I split a prime rib as it is way too much for us to eat alone. Caleb chose to try something different this year and he got their ribs. Dad likes their grilled steak so he had that. We do not ever get dessert here, although, I am sure it is wonderful but we are always to full. Plus, if we want something sweet later we can always find the Hot Now sign on at Krispy Kreme. :)

On Thursday nights they have fireworks at the Harbor during the summer so we went to watch those.

On Friday we ate at Pompano Joe's another favorite as it is located right down the road from us and is on the beach. We took family pictures that night so we wanted somewhere close. We can always rely on all of our favorite the Shrimp PoBoy.

On Saturday morning we wanted a real breakfast so we went to my favorite place since I was little THE DOUGHNUT HOLE! We also east here on the first night we arrive even if it is 11pm and I still order breakfast (they serve it all day). We also try to go back sometime during the week for breakfast. Caleb had the Corned Beef Hash, Mom had the western omelet, and I had the short stack of pancakes.

On Saturday we returned to Dewey's Destins and it was amazing just as it was the first night. I think I have a new favorite! We had a crab dip for an appetizer. Caleb ordered a seafood pasta and I had the Grouper Parmesian. Both were great!

THE END! That ended our week at the beach. A wonderful vacation!

Hope you all had the chance to get away for a while!
Where do you vacation each year?

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