Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yard Sale

Well Saturday we decided we would try going to couple of Yard Sales. I have really never went before but have always wanted to. Well, I had my idea of how you were supposed to Yard Sale and well Caleb had his. He has been before so I just said ok you plan it and I will go. Caleb is the more laid back one in the relationship if you don't know us. :) I have to have a plan.... like I would have written down all the yard sales I wanted to go to and mapped them out and had all that printed Friday night but Caleb wanted to wing it. And wing it we did. The one thing that got me through the early, early morning was the fabulous chicken biscuit at Stew n Que (my absolute favorite place to get a chicken biscuit). We always stop there on our way to the UGA football games in the fall. Anyway, we got on the road and we had brought our small trailor because a person on craigslist was supposed to let me know about an old glider and chairs he had but that fell through but again back to the story. At home when we left it was a nice RARE cool morning and was overcast when we get below Gainesville almost to Buford it is pouring. Not really the weather we were hoping for. This kind of put a cramp in the plans of winging it as it was hard to see the signs and many people had just put everything up but by 10am we were good. We spotted a bunch in one neighborhood and found most of our stuff. Had we went with my plan we may have never found these places.

I have to say we learned a lot from this trip but you always have to try something before you know exactly how to plan and what to expect. Don't tell the hubby but I think I will make my list next time and just in case. :)

Here's what we found.

Definitely not the best picture but I didn't notice at the time it was focusing on the Jeep in the mirror and not the other stuff. Oops. But you get the point. We got all of this for $10 The little lantern was the most at $5 but I really wanted it so I didn't care. It sales for much more on the internet. I know it's not much but I was proud for our first time. I cannot wait to get started painting and getting it all in shape. The stool is for me as I am too short to reach our spice cabinet and get tired of carrying the chair across the room. :) We plan to paint it of course. 

We also came across this beautiful church while we were out. It was raining so the picture turned out ok but I could not pass up the opportunity to get a picture of it. I just love old white churches!


  1. Hello Brittany!
    Looks like you did pretty well for your first time.I have gone to yard sales so many times,I have lost count.I am loving those old windows!
    Just so you know, I am a planner too and the hubby is the "let's just drive around" person.
    Thanks for your comment on my Blog "Catch A Falling Star", I apreciate it!
    Btw...I love the picture of the church!

  2. Wonderful finds! Hope you'll be posting what you do with your new treasures!! & I agree...the church is so pretty!

  3. Thank you both so much! I will definitely post the makeovers :)


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