Friday, April 1, 2011


Well I am quite behind on my postings... Our Windstream router/modem whatever it's called decided to die and of all weeks on my Spring Break. Oh well we are back and ready for some blogging.

Last weekend we went camping. It's our tradition to go camping each year on opening weekend of trout fishing. And oh yes I go fishing that's the best part. The camping part is done in a camper. I am not a tent camper I am that much of girly girl. Unfortunately, it rained terribly on Saturday but cleared enough for us to go out that afternoon then it rained again and stormed horribly that night and then cleared for Sunday. We did get some fishing done and some sitting by the campfire time before it was time to return home.

On Sunday we had caught enough fish to cook some trout. On the normal occasion the trout are cleaned and skin is left on and then they have a fish fry. I say they because I am not a fried trout eater. Especially not the skin part. So this year Mr. C decided we would try a city trick and skin the fish and grill them. I liked this idea. :) That is as long as he was the one cleaning and skinning. So Mr. C also had bought some Old Bay blackening seasoning and we covered the fish with that and grilled it over the fire. Now this is coming from the I don't eat trout girl but that trout was GOOD! I would definitely do that again. Now I love seafood but trout has always been too fishy for me and also the skin thing but grilling it worked out great.

Here is a pic of our little fishies on the grill.

So... If you find yourself fishing maybe you could try this if not just thought I would share anyway. :)


  1. Hi Brittany. Sounds like you had a great trip.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my cupcakes!

  2. I can't wait to go camping this summer and enjoy my husband's fresh catch. Looks like you guys did well. :)

    Thank you for commenting on my laundry sign post. If you'd like one for yourself you may want to check out the giveaway I have open. :)


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