Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Week...

Do you ever have those days or weeks where you just did not feel like cooking? I love cooking! Caleb and I cook most of the week and some weekends. We love to try new recipes and make old favorites. There are some days that we need easy things to fix as we are low on time but we try to make something new once a week or every other week at least. During the school year I try to make easier meals when we are both going to be home late and that keeps us from just eating out. However, this week I just did not feel like cooking. I know it's terrible I just wanted to go out grab something and come home without having to clean up. Well we did our grocery shopping tonight and I plan to do much better next week. We spend way too much on groceries to not eat at home. For there to be just two of us in the house we spend a tremendous amount at the grocery store/Walmart. I use coupons as often as possible but we hardly ever get out for under $100 and normally it is more like $150 and over. I am going to have to make a better plan for that but that is a different story.

So what do you do when you just don't feel like cooking? Do you go out? Grab a freezer meal?

One thing that I have found as an easy and good side is the new Alexia frozen sides.

Have you tried these? What is your favorite fast/easy side dish? I love hearing reviews before I buy something. :)

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