Friday, April 15, 2011

Summer Book List

During the school year I do not have much time to read for fun so I try to make a summer reading list that begins the day school is out and goes until the first day back. I read a lot during the summer. To me there is nothing better than finding a good book to get lost in. An extra bonus is always reading a good book on the beach. We normally take our beach vacation to Destin at the first of June and I am ready right now!!! :)

Suprisingly I am reading a book right now. I started over Spring Break and it was too good to wait and finish this summer so I am sneaking in time between my master's and teaching.

I actually really like it. I think I read a book by her last year but I cannot remember right now. I do know that I will be adding more to list for the summer. There are couple of things in the book that I are not my cup of tea. Actually I don't even like tea isn't that weird. I am consider myself a true Southern girl but I am not a sweet tea drinker. I know that is just not right! Haha Anyway, back to the topic there is one area that I thought could have been left out but the rest of the book makes up for it. I have not finished it yet so I cannot give and "official" review but I am over half way and I say go for it! :)

The book I am waiting on is Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews. She is my favorite author right now and has been for the last two years. I absolutely love her books! They are so funny and so different than the type of books that I used to read as a teenager. The first year I was lucky and had plenty to read to get caught up and now each June I am waiting on her new release. Check out Mary Kay Andrews Books Here! You will not regret it! She writes the perfect summer reads. She also has a great Christmas book too Blue Christmas. I loved it!

I also like Nicholas Sparks. I discovered Dorothea Benton Frank last year and I read Sullivan's Island, Return to Sullivan's Island, Pawley's Island, and Shem Creek. I love books set in the south and especially on the beach. I also read On Folly Beach by Karen White. There was also the Twilight Series and many others as well. Now to compile the list for this year.

So.... What are you reading right now? What is on your summer reading list?


  1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog--and thanks for the book recommendations! I'm always looking for more to add to my reading list . . . I'll definitely check these out! I always feel like a need a fun, summer book to read this time of year :-)

    Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

  2. Good Gawd girl! You don't like sweet tea. You need to be smacked ;)

    I love Mary Kay Andrews also...have you read Janet Evanovich? She's quick, easy reads and freaking hilarious! I also like the J.D. Robb series. It's actually Nora Roberts writing under the JD RObb name but are very good too

  3. Thanks for the list! I'm always in the market for new reads.
    I first had sweet tea five years ago when I was in Mississippi and now I make it all the time in the summer. We love it. Does that make me an honorary Southern Girl? Hope so!
    Happy Easter!

  4. Hi Brittany! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comments. My son's name is Caleb too! I just recently read Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah! It was great! I am a Wally Lamb fan. I've read She's Come Undone and I loved it. I am currently very slowly reading, The Hour I First Believed by him too! Thanks for your book recommendations. I love discovering new authors!


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